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Instrument Repairs

Separk Music in Lewisville offers a range of instrument repair services for woodwind, brass, string, folk, and percussion instruments.
 Woodwinds  Brass  String  Folk  Percussion
 Re-padding services  UltraSonic Cleaning  String Changes  String changes  Drum head replacement and tuning
 New corks  Dent Removal  Bridge Fitting  Tuning  Hardware replacement and upgrades
 Key adjustments  Part replacement  Peg work  Minor bridge/saddle adjustments  Bearing edge leveling and re-cuts
 Reconditioning services  & more  Crack repair  & more  Drum refinishing
 & more    & more    visit www.petersdrums.com for more
Our Technicians

Matthew Alton

Woodwind, Brass, and Strings

Austen Peters


Call us today at 336-723-0794 or email repairs@separkmusic.com to schedule an appointment,
or drop your instrument off any time during business hours.
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