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Hayden Neumann


Hayden Neumann

Hayden utilizes everything from his musical journey to support his students to play their best!

Hayden Neumann is a musician that strives to obtain a unique, sophisticated sound out of his music and performance. Hayden is currently a fourth-year undergraduate piano performance major at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) from Livingston, New Jersey. Hayden now studies under Dmitri Shteinberg as he pursues his undergraduate degree in piano performance at UNCSA.

Both of his parents filled the house with music and art, prompting his interest in the arts and later falling in love with the piano. He began his musical journey at age eight, attending the Community School of the Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prior to attending UNCSA, Hayden has studied under Dzidra Reimanis and Bair Shagdaron. His everyday interests include doing puzzles, watching sports and playing with his dog.

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