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Classical Music Players

Fall '24 Rental Rates

Alto Sax
Bell/Drum Kit
Bell Only Kit
String Bass

Other instruments available. Call for details and pricing.

*these prices do not include MRC/IRC or sales tax

Instrument Rentals

New Online Portal - Rent-to-Own

Thanks to our merger with Musical Innovations, we are happy to offer online instrument rentals through a convenient online portal. Simply fill in the application and we will be in touch about providing an instrument.

Welcome to the wonderful world of band and orchestra! Musical Innovations is proud to be a part of you and your child’s first experiences in music. We want you to know when you rent or purchase with us you are guaranteed to be provided with:

  • First-quality products, hand-selected by an experienced music educator - at surprisingly low prices.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable associates who share their love of music and offer customer-centered service.

  • Family-friendly, innovative plans for obtaining a quality instrument for your student.

  • Emphasizing Education - giving you the choices and product knowledge you need to be comfortable with your purchasing decisions. 

  • Great discounts to schools, educators and students all year long, on the accessories you need the most.

In order to be a part of the beginning of your budding musician’s life, we strive to offer only teacher approved brands and offer three great ways in which to obtain your new or refurbished instrument. Our rental and purchase plans offer the best value in the state. Some of our unique features include: 

Pay Cash, Get a Discount

  • Buy your instrument for a 40% - 50% discount off the list price (MSRP), and it’s yours to keep.

  • The least expensive way to get your student a high-quality beginning instrument!

  • Available for band and full-sized string instruments.

  • Cash, check, credit or debit cards accepted.

  • MRC and IRC available on an annual basis.

  • YES! We will buy the instrument back if your child stops playing - ask your M.I. educational specialist for details.

Monthly Rent to Own

  • Available for band and full-sized string instruments.

  • All monthly rental payments apply toward purchase. 

  • Buy out your contract, any time after the first scheduled payment, for only 55% of the Balance. 

  • There’s no risk! Return the instrument at any time, with no termination fees or additional charges.

Our rent to own plan allows 100% of the monthly rental to be applied towards purchase. No added taxes or fees, no mandatory coverage charges. 

Please note that, legally, the person actually filling out the rental/lease contract online MUST be the same person whose info is given, credit card is used on the contract, and who signs electronically.

Partial-Sized String Leases

Violins from 1/32, Violas from 11”, and Cellos & Basses from 1/10

Families who lease a partial-sized string instrument from us will get 100% credit towards their full-sized instrument. That means that 100% of their lease fees will apply towards rental or purchase of their full-sized instrument when the time comes.

Please note that, legally, the person actually filling out the rental/lease contract online MUST be the same person whose info is given, credit card is used on the contract, and who signs electronically.

Maintenance (MRC) and Replacement (IRC) Coverage Options

Like many other companies, our MRC (Maintenance & Repair Coverage) provides for routine maintenance and accidental damage that affects the playing condition of the instrument. But we offer the added feature of free string replacement when strings break. Our IRC (Instrument Replacement Coverage) provides full replacement of the instrument in case of fire, theft or irreparable damage – much more than the “waiver of claim” you’ve seen offered elsewhere.

PASS Plan (Pay for A School Year & Save) 

  • Pay for your first 9 months in advance and get a PASS for the summer - that’s 3 months with no payments due!

  • Get a FREE black folding music stand (list price $24.95) with your initial PASS payment.

  • There’s no risk! Return the instrument any time, with no termination fees, and get a refund of all unused monthly rent.

If you pay for 9 months’ rental or lease up front, you get the summer free! That means three months without a payment. Not only does this save parents money, but it also encourages retention throughout the school year, and then encourages students to keep playing all summer long. Parents, students, and school music programs all benefit.


We also offer no hassle returns on our Agreements! If you find that returning your instrument is in your best interest, all you need do is get the instrument back in our possession at any point in the rental process. Once returned, your rental obligation is over and the contract cancelled provided that all scheduled payments have been made. The only other fee applicable at that time is the cost of any repairs beyond what we feel is normal “wear and tear” for the time the instrument has been in your possession.


We are happy to work with you in the event your Director recommends switching to another type of instrument. Just return your original rental (see “returns” above), then set up another Rental Agreement on the second instrument.

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