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Classical Music Players

Fall '23 Rental Rates

Alto Sax
Bell/Drum Kit
Bell Only Kit
String Bass

Other instruments available. Call for details and pricing. *these prices do not include M&R fee and sales tax



We strongly advise parents of beginning students to rent first rather than purchasing an instrument. You make small monthly payments for a New or Like-New instrument while you assess your child’s talent and interest level. If your director recommends switching to another type of instrument or you child decides not to continue with the class, you can return the instrument to us and be under no further obligation. You have the option throughout the rental to purchase the instrument you are renting with 100% of the rental fee applied to that purchase.

Our online rental portal is temporarily unavailable - please call us at 336-723-0794 for application information.


Orchestra instruments come in fractional sizes which allows younger or smaller students to start on an appropriate-sized instrument for them. Since there is no reason to own these smaller instruments, our rent-to-rent program allows you to apply 1/2 of each monthly payment to the next size up. As long as there is no interruption in the contract, a good portion of the full size instrument is often paid for by the time that instrument size is reached. Sizing Guide.

Maintenance and Repair (M&R)

We service all of the instruments we rent in our own repair shop. For the small monthly M&R fee, we will ensure that the instrument you are renting is always working for your child. Adjustments are done quickly and we will provide you with a “loaner” instrument while the work is being done. If your child attends a school that we regularly visit each week, we are

happy to pick up and return the instrument through prior arrangement. If a turn-around of less than a week is required, we invite you to bring the instrument to our store during regular business hours.

Early Purchase Option

Once you realize that owning the instrument rather than continuing to rent is the best option for you, we offer an Early Payoff Discount of 12% of the remaining contract balance. The discount is available to customers whose payments have been consistently “on time” throughout the contract. Just contact us and we can give you the payoff figure whenever you’re ready.


We also offer no hassle returns on our Agreements! If you find that returning your instrument is in your best interest, all you need do is get the instrument back in our possession at any point in the rental process. Once returned, your rental obligation is over and the contract cancelled provided that all scheduled payments have been made. The only other fee applicable at that time is the cost of any repairs beyond what we feel is normal “wear and tear” for the time the instrument has been in your possession.


We are happy to work with you in the event your Director recommends switching to another type of instrument. Just return your original rental (see “returns” above), then set up another Rental Agreement on the second instrument. We will allow six month’s on-time rental payments from your first rental towards ownership of the second rental.

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