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Orchestral Instrument Sizing

If your teacher or school director is not available to “size” your student for their instrument, we offer this handy Do It Yourself guide. We will also be happy to do this for your if you and your student visit our store.

You will need either a yardstick or a tape measure to do this accurately. Have the student stand and extend their left arm straight out from the left side with their palm facing up. Hold one end of the yardstick agains the left side of the neck and read the distance to the middle of the palm. If your measurement falls right on the line, go to the next larger size.

If your measurement is:


less than 17"

17” to 18.5”

18.5” to 20.25”

20.25” to 22.25”

22.25” to 23.5”

more than 23.5”

1/10 size

1/8 size

1/4 size

1/2 size

3/4 size

4/4 (full) size


21.5" to 23.25"

23.25" to 24.75"

24.75" to 25.5"

25.5" to 26.5"

26.5" to 27.25"

more than 27.25”

13" viola

14" viola

15" viola

15.5" viola*

16" viola*

16.5" viola*

* Considered full size


There are no easy measurements for these instruments. If your teacher can’t make a decision for you, please come to our store to be sized.

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